Saturday, December 15, 2007

It's Friday: New York to Japan in 42 minutes by gliding through the hollow Earth

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The video above describes the idea of a gravity train, which imagines drilling a hole through the Earth to travel to different locations on the surface of the Earth. The gravity train would mean travel times of about 42 minutes from any two locations on the Earth's surface. Of course, digging a hole to China is really hard. Just ask any third grader. But what if the Earth is hollow?

Below the fold is a video of a guy who actually thinks the Earth is hollow. If he is right and all of all of geological science is wrong, then we won't have to drill a very deep hole. Traveling from one point on the surface of the hollow Earth to the another would only require the creation of a giant glider, that would fall through the Earth. So, as soon at the hollow earth theory is proven (don't hold your breath), we should see proposals for transport systems soon after.

[Source: YouTube, Neatorama]


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