Thursday, July 26, 2007

Müller will produce ethanol the milky way

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Müllermilch is a famous German producer of absolutely decadent dairy desserts. However, milk production is not one of the cleanest industries in the world and we have found out today that one of the side products is lactose-based molasses, which were traditionally used to feed animals. Hey, but molasses are sugars, aren't they? So Müller decided to try converting them into ethanol.

The principle is simple: Ferment the sugars to obtain ethanol. To do so, Müller has invested 20 million EUR in a factory that will convert this former by-product into ethanol. If you think that chemo-dairy is weird, I once read that EU butter excedents are used to make paint. The EU produces more milk than Europeans drink.

Müller's target is producing 10 million liters of ethanol for next year.

[Source: Moteurnature (link is in French)]


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