Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cheap green bus rides: Megabus, LA to Vegas for $1

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Megabus is a cheap bus service in the UK that launched in the Midwest last year. They just recently launched in California. What's so great about Megabus? Trips cost a buck! I priced a trip from San Francisco to San Diego on Greyhound and it cost $60. So if you want to save a buck... or not save a buck, consider Megabus.

You probably won't get to leave the day you like. I had to do a bit of digging at the site but I could find $1 trips easily. Even the most expensive trips I found still looked pretty cheap. There is also a fifty cent (.50) fee or something but who cares? This is dirt cheap! I can't get on a local bus for a buck! Amtrak is like a $100 from LA to Vegas.

Not that you have to go to Vegas. Megabus also goes to San Diego, Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, and soon Phoenix. Vegas is more fun though :D

[Source: LA Times]


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