Thursday, August 9, 2007

Video: Under the hood, 2008 hybrid Yukon

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I took this video late July, when GM brought the Volt to Washington, DC. The 2008 hybrid Yukon tagged along for the trip. It's not out until November 2007, so I thought I would give everyone a peak with some comments from GM staff. If you want a more detailed, unbiased look, check out our first impressions of the 2008 hybrid Yukon. The video starts out with some things about the hybrid technology with Mary, a director.

Then I take a look at the battery with Mary. It's below the back seat. That's the safest place to be if you are in an accident. Back middle. I then take a look with Tim, an engineer, under the hood. You can't really see his face, it was really sunny that day. Sorry, Tim. He talks about how they fit in another engine without changing the size of the car body. No pricing yet but they say it will be "affordable."

Tim also said the Tahoe will be made in Texas. So, I guess Rep. Barton should be happy about that. For regular AutoblogGreen readers, I did ask your questions about the Volt. They did not say anything new. I will post question requests as more events come around. I think it's really important we get your questions. You can see the video with your questions below the fold. Also, check out the pictures I took of the 2008 hybrid Yukon in this gallery.

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