Thursday, September 27, 2007

Volvo Trucks' plant in Ghent, Belgium is CO2-free

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Volvo first went about tackling emissions by showing off their "carbon-free" trucks. Now, they say that their goal is to make all of their plants "carbon-free" too. For whatever reason, when they introduced the trucks and now with the factories, they call them carbon-free in most promotional materials (image above excepted) as opposed to the more commonly accepted carbon-neutral. Whatever. The first plant which does not spew carbon (in the overall balance) is in Ghent, Belgium. According to Volvo CEO Leif Johansson,"It is not an easy undertaking, but we are prepared to try different alternatives to achieve our goal for CO2-free production in our plants."

In order to make their non-carbon plans a reality, the company is building three wind-power plants on-site, which will provide half the power for the plant. For the rest of their electricity, Volvo will turn to the Belgium energy company, Electrabel, which will provide certified green energy. Two plants in Sweden are also scheduled to be carbon-absent.

[Source: Volvo via Industry Week]


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