Tuesday, October 16, 2007

AvivaSolar team to compete again at the upcoming Panasonic World Solar Challenge

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Remember the Panasonic World Solar Challenge? We told you about it a while back, well before any news was available on their site. Now that the race, to be held near the end of October, is getting closer, some of the teams which will be competing are sharing their stories. One such team is AvivaSolar -- a group which has already competed twice before. In fact, they won the event back in '99. To remain competitive, their car has been outfitted with some new equipment and features solar cells originally intended for space use by NASA. The car, manufactured completely out of composites, has three wheels and seats a single occupant.

The official website for the Aviva team has an interesting comparison: in what way does the AvivaSolar car outperform a Formula 1 racing car? Click here to find out.


[Source: AvivaSolar via Gizmag]


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