Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Geekdad wants you to build mouse trap cars with your kids

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If you're not sure what a Mouse Trap Car is, watch the above video for starters, then click here for a short article on the subject. Now, if you think that's cool, consider getting with your kids and building one. If you do find the time to build a car powered by nothing more than a mouse trap, and you want a chance to win a Lego Star Destroyer -- and really, who wouldn't -- submit your vehicle to Geekdad.

The young 'uns and the young at heart can both learn something from this quick little exercise in science. There are many ways to store energy and turn that stored energy into motion. We're not suggesting that someday we'll be driving around in cars with energy stored up in a big spring, but the principle is the same for many alternative propulsion methods. Whether energy is captured in the form of electricity, hydraulic pressure or a big rubberband (or not!), parallels can be drawn back to this simple toy car powered by a mouse trap. Plus... it's fun!

[Source: Wired's Geekdad blog]


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