Friday, October 12, 2007

Honda Civic hybrid could be headed for India

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Honda announced today that it is speaking with officials in India about regulations that will allow gas-electric hybrids - i.e., the Honda Civic hybrid - to be sold in that country. Reuters is reporting that India could be a great market for hybrids, because "Indian drivers are some of the most fuel- and cost-conscious in the world, and are increasingly choosing diesel-powered cars over gasoline due to their superior efficiency."

The problem, for now, is that India doesn't have any regulations about hybrid cars, and Honda is working with the ministry of heavy industries to figure out how and for how much hybrids will be sold there. In the U.S., the government subsidizes hybrid sales with tax credits, and Honda is looking for something similar in India to offset the higher cost of the hybrid powertrain.

[Source: Reuters]


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