Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Video: Enerdel working on a plug-in Prius?

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enerdel,priusEnerdel is a company making extraordinary claims on the cost, capacity, safety, etc. of their lithium-ion, electric car battery. Possibly hoping to quiet some doubts, Enerdel has now held their first media event, unveiling the battery with the help of Congressman Dan Burton (guy on the left in picture below the fold) yesterday (Tuesday, October 9). The webcast of that event is archived online at Enerdel's website. According to the Enerdel press release, the event attendance included local television affiliates of ABC, CBS and FOX, the Indianapolis Star newspaper, a Gannett publication, and WIBC radio.

Charles Gassenheimer, Vice Chairman of Ener1 (guy on the right in the picture below the fold) said Tuesday, "marks the beginning of the future of the U.S. hybrid vehicle storage technology business." (The guy in the middle in the picture below the fold is the CEO, Ulrik Grape). The beginning of the video includes shots of a Prius with a wire sticking out the back. So, unless they got that from the stock footage of a Prius-with-a-plug sticking-out-it archive, I would assume this means Enerdel is converting a Prius. Can't wait to see that press conference because this one was kinda boring.

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