Friday, October 19, 2007

First pictures from Santa Monica's Alt Car Expo 2007 - Electrum Spyder and Vectrix scooter

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The Alt Car Expo here in Santa Monica starts this morning. Last night, on the Santa Monica Pier, some of the organizers and exhibitors met for a swanky get-together. I'm not one to pass up a tasty event like that, so I went. And look what I found parked outside - the updated Electrum Spyder and the new Vectrix electric scooter. We'll have more on these vehicles before the weekend is out, but I thought you'd enjoy some pics before the more serious info-gathering begins. If you only have time for one click, make sure it's this one - to see what I'm pretty sure is the Spyder's, um, unusual spedometer.

Gallery: Ventrix Electric Scooter

Gallery: Electrum Spyder 2007


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