Tuesday, October 16, 2007

CCM to campaign CMX450 in the British motocross using E85

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CCM is a small motorcycle manufacturer based in Bolton, U.K. which offers an interesting line-up of single cylinder, four-stroke bikes. For 2008, they are producing a new bike known as the CMX450 with which they are going to contest the British motocross championship. The bike is rather interesting in that it features a weld-less frame of aluminum with a carbon fiber subframe and airbox unit. The reason we're telling you about it is that they have designed the bike for use with E85 ethanol. That fuel will be held in an 8-liter carbon fiber fuel tank and will be fed to the engine through a Keihin carburettor. Riding the bike for the upcoming season will be nineteen-year old Oliver Sandiford-Smith, also from Bolton.

If CCM has success using E85 fuel for their racing bike, might there be another racing series looking to mandate a biofuel? We'll just have to sit back and watch for now. In the meantime, we'll hope that CCM finds success in their endeavors.

[Source: CCM]


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