Monday, November 19, 2007

Cool videos: mag-lev gears, human powered anti-gravity

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The video above is a demonstration of a magnetic cog by Kundel Magnetics. Using magnetic fields instead of physical gears to transfer energy has many advantages like zero friction and no need for lubrication. Below the fold is a concept vehicle by the design group Oooms. The counter weight at one end of the vehicle allows a person to jump very high as if gravity were low. These two concepts, the gear and the vehicle, attack two major problem of efficiency: weight and friction. Traditional solutions have always been to use less stuff and make better lubricants, but Kundel and Oooms show us another way. They did not solve the problems of weight or friction, but they can inspire and remind us there are different solutions than what we expect. I happen to think they are also very cool.

[Source: Google Video, YouTube]


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