Sunday, November 18, 2007

Miles Automotive's "No Gas Required" contest entries begin showing up on YouTube

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Back in October, we wrote about Miles Automotive's new partnership with the environmental web site No Gas Required that would take the form of a video competition for college and university students. Entrants were asked to make a video on the "no gas required" theme to try and win a Miles electric car for their school to use. As of this writing, there are eleven videos up on the Miles Revolution YouTube page, and the five videos from this batch (or others, if more are forthcoming) that are viewed the most times will win a $1,000 scholarship and the cars.

I'll admit that I haven't watched all of these videos (yet). I selected the video to add to this post based on length, so don't take this as any sort of endorsement. The video above is simply the longest one. If you do check all the videos out and have a fave, let us know.

[Source: YouTube, h/t to Domenick]


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