Sunday, November 18, 2007

Green group T&E says car industry tried to hide CO2 emissions

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The European green car group T&E (OK, the European Federation for Transport and Environment) has criticized Germany's R.L. Polk for the way it reports new-car CO2 emissions. Last year, T&E says that "R.L. Polk provided the data for the 2006 edition 'on commercial terms' but declined to supply data for this year's report," according to Automotive News Europe (subs req'd). What does "on commercial terms" mean? I'm not sure, but T&E was able to get the info through freedom of information requests. Nonetheless, T&E had to change the way it analyzed the CO2 emissions. In 2006, T&E said the European automakers are making "slow progress" with reducing those emissions. A representative from R.L. Polk said they take this matter seriously and will investigate.

[Source: Automotive News Europe / Tony Lewin]


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