Sunday, November 18, 2007

US Official: US, China will likely sign biofuels pact Dec. 12

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Bush ChinaIn Beijing for Chinese talks on supporting renewable energy, Alexander Karsner, an assistant U.S. energy secretary, said the US and China are discussing signing an agreement to cooperate on the research and production of biofuels. The pact might be announced officially at the US and Chinese government forum, the Strategic Economic Dialogue, December 12.

"China is a natural, as would be India, to enhance cooperation on biofuels" said Karsner. China is the third largest producer of biofuels after the US and Brazil which hold 80 percent of the market. China has also shown interest in creating a clean energy future but will the deal be substantial? Next month in Indonesia, 80 countries are meeting to discuss a replacement to the Kyoto Protocol. Karsner said he talked about that meeting with China but did not mention setting any binding limits.

[Source: Associated Press]


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