Sunday, October 7, 2007

Hawaii looking to get jatropha trees for biodiesel stock

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Domestic Fuel's John Davis calls growing jatropha trees in Hawaii a "no-brainer." One of Hawaii's Senators, Daniel Akaka, is also in favor, and calls a recent $677,000 federal grant to the Hawaii County Economic Opportunity Council (HCEOC) to mass cultivate Jatropha curcas plant seedlings for commercial biodiesel production "an important step forward in our vision for a self sustaining energy future for Hawaii and our goal of significantly reducing green house gas emissions."

Of all the islands in Hawaii, the actual island of Hawaii, more commonly known as the Big Island, is really the only place where there is enough land to grow crops for biofuels. This particular project might be as good as Akaka says, but I still stand by my call to make Hawaii the real electric car capital of the world.

[Source: Sen. Akaka via Domestic Fuel]


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