Monday, October 1, 2007

Tokyo Preview: Suzuki PIXY+SSC

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Fellow blogger Alex Nunez says that the the Suzuki SSC is "a geometric, omnidirectional 'mothership'". We won't argue with that description, but we'll add that it kinda looks like an upside-down Jawa Sandcrawler from Star Wars too. Another thing that the SSC, or Suzuki Sharing Coach, has in common with the Sandcrawler: it houses droids. Well, sort of. The accompanying Suzuki PIXY houses a human occupant, but we won't hold that against it 'cause it's just a concept after all.

While we're comparing the SSC with other vehicles, why not draw some attention to the Opel Flextreme which was just shown off at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Like the SSC, the Flextreme also excretes human transporters from its hind-quarters. Consider too that Toyota has been showing off the i-Swing single-seater since '05. Do we spot an emerging trend here?

[Source: Suzuki]


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