Thursday, October 4, 2007

AltWheels Boston 2007 videos: fuel cells, cogeneration, nitrogen tires

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Here are the last few videos from AutoblogGreen's trip to AltWheels Boston 2007. The video above is a demonstration of the Nuvera Fuel Cells refueling station, some of which are in use today. Below the fold are three more videos from the expo. The first is a description of Honda's cogeneration device. Cogeneration is an old idea that combines the generation of heat and electricity. The second video is a look at a Limo service's Prius that uses nitrogen instead of oxygen in their tires. Nitrogen does not expand as much as oxygen, so it's a better way to keep your tires filled, increasing the life of your tires and your car's mileage. The third video below the fold is a hybrid owners' group with members that have made interesting modifications to their cars. The Civic in the hybrid group video actually has a fifth wheel powered by an electric motor (see also the Insight in this post on hypermiling).


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