Thursday, October 4, 2007

September U.S. hybrid sales down slightly (just like overall car market)

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Overall, car sales in the U.S. dropped about three percent last month, which was not as bad as some analysts were guessing. The somewhat better news for HEV fans is that sales of hybrids dropped only 1.9 percent, according to number crunching by Green Car Congress. The number of hybrids sold in the U.S. (excluding GM hybrids) last month was 22,859. Most of those, 18,130 units, were Toyotas. You can probably guess that the Prius made up more than half of the overall hybrid sales, with 12,494 units sold in September, up more than 19 percent compared to last September. Most other hybrid models saw year-on-year sales numbers decline.

For some nice graphs and more details, check out GCC's original post.

[Source: Chicago Tribune, Green Car Congress]


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